1. DotTheHen

    The Pigeon Palaces and Dove Dorms of BYC

    Welcome! I have made this thread specifically to show off your lofts, aviaries, and other setups for the pigeons and doves of BYC. The chickens have their stunning and elaborate coops flaunted, so why can't we do the same? It's simple... Just post some pictures of your setup (and maybe show...
  2. A

    Hardware mesh for aviary?

    Can I use the hardware mesh instead of buying the expensive fencing? Dont want to quail chewing damaging it/breaking free/hurting themselves trying to. What less costly alternatives are there for putting on up?
  3. A

    Couple Qs about new flock

    I'm building a large aviary for my new flock of coturnix quail. I'm doing a brooding experiment, having my quail hatched by another farmer, and taking them "under my wing". When should I have the newbies move into the aviary? I'm doing a survival of the fittest type beginning, with a hands off...
  4. ChikAnne

    Sacrificed My Arm for my Chicks

    I was almost done with the chicken aviary I had dreamed of for years when I stepped in a whole the dogs dig (Dog sitting, not my dogs) Coming off a ladder. My daughter and her friend came over and ended up finishing the coop part to safely transfer my fast growing chicks.
  5. J

    Newbie raising Coturnix Quail on grass!

    Hey everyone. I’m new to BYC but have been an avid reader for months now, fantasizing about raising some birds! I got the chance to contact a local vendor and purchased 20 Coturnix Hens for eggs( my goal at the moment). I put in A LOT of work building my quail run. It took me about a week to...
  6. AvianBrain

    Licence needed for Keeping Pet pheasants?

    Hello, I have ordered Ringneck pheasant eggs and going to incubate them in my cheap incubator so I could imprint and get them tame(ish). I am in the state of Rhode Island and need to know if I need a licence to legally keep these birds for pets, even if I don't breed them? I have read the pages...
  7. BackyardFarmer4

    Looking for pigeons

    Hello! I’m looking for some pigeons for 2 of my little sister’s aviary! They are 9 and 4. We are looking to get some fantails or any fancy breed! Even mixed breed pigeons would be great! We aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on birds and or shipping as we got scammed $97 from trying to buy...
  8. Arbutus Peregrine

    Bird netting

    Do you use bird netting to protect your chickens from hawks? I’d like to cover my entire yard and have been watching some videos. I’ll attach one here: If you can offer advice or share photos of your netting, I’d be really grateful!!
  9. Dfarago

    Building an aviary

    My husband and I want to build an aviary for our Muscovies. The plan is a 50ft x 50ft around 7ft tall. But we’re still in the learning stages on building stuff. Any advice on materials, tutorial videos and/or best mesh to enclose it? We want this thing to be huge. Also any advice or pointers...
  10. M

    Pheasant roofing and predator proofing!?

    Hi everyone! I'm building a pheasant enclosure and am wondering what everybody uses as roofing material, and what predator proofing measures you have taken! I'm in the UK so there aren't as many predators as there are in places like the US but I'm definitely not taking any chances. I will be...
  11. BridgeportQuail

    Planning quail aviary

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have decided to get into keeping Coturnix quail for their eggs. I've decided to go with an aviary style enclosure, because from my research, a wire-bottom cage can harm their feet, and a hutch ceiling is too low. I also like being able to observe the...
  12. le_bwah

    Quail Aviary 2.0

    Immediately after finishing construction on the aviary, I started designing an expansion. It started small, just a brooder or a breeding pen. But then "quail math" struck—I realized it's not a matter of if I'll get more quail, but when. The more I thought about it, the more inadequate the...
  13. HenzandHoundzFarm

    Different Species With Pheasants

    I'm going to the Pennsylvania Aviculture Society Tailgate later this September! I am so excited to get involved and am looking to possibly get a few more birds! :D I'm wondering what species can live with pheasants that are perhaps lower to the ground or higher. Does that make any sense...
  14. Trimini

    My first canaries - some basic questions

    Hello. I live in a rural part of Chile, though I am not Chilean. I have a large aviary that I built for my pet peacock two years go. Since then my aviary has expanded, I acquired a few more birds, including a girl pea and some lovely chickens. Last week I was gifted a pair of canaries, both...
  15. NineChickens

    Can a dove or pigeon live with a canary?

    Can a single dove (like a diamond, cape, or ringneck) live with a single male canary? What about a single pigeon living with a aungle male canary? I know canaries are solitary birds but people keep them in aviaries just fine. Would the dove or pigeon be sad it didn't have a friend of the same...
  16. RosieR

    Button quail housing idea

    Hey! I’ve been keeping cots but I was thinking about getting a pair of buttons. Has anyone built an armour style aviary? Would this be ideal for buttons? I just want a pretty display cage for them, plus it could be way more ventilated than an aquarium. This project will probably be a while off...
  17. benjicken

    Mother given birth to 3 chicks

    hey there, one of my females has been very broody for a month and finally yesterday 3 chicks were hatched. I separated the mother and chicks from the other quails immediately but I just wanted opinions on whether leaving the chicks with the mother is a safe thing to do? She is constntly sitting...
  18. H

    Substrate Flooring for Outdoor Quail Aviary

    I'm looking to get 3-4 quail to start with and currently in the planning stages for my outdoor aviary. I'd like to do a natural setting for them and would like to get an opinion on the type of flooring for them. What would be the easiest to maintain? Should I just put the aviary on dirt and...
  19. Lilorp14

    Proper Quail Coop Dimensions?

    So I'm building a coop for my 10 Bobwhite Quail. (2 Males, 8 Females) I've had Bobs before and decided I missed their sweetness, so here I am. I'm just wondering if my dimensions are big enough, because I just heard about Boinking, and I don't want to lose any birds from it. My old quail would...
  20. Cvquesada

    Male Pheasants and peacocks together?

    I have a big aviary (30x30x30ft) that i would like to house peacocks and male pheasants. Is it possible to house all those males and not have angry birds? Side note: there will be no females at all.
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