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11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Miamisburg (Southwest) Ohio
Hi guys I just wanted to get some feed back on the people who have gotten my watering system for thier quail. Please let me know if you have any suggestions that might make it a better product. Or a problem with it that I might not know about, that what great about byc you have alot of people to pull from to get great ideas to make our hobby fun and not labor intensive

Thanks Nick
Finally, ole' un-handy me, got Nick's watering system up and running!

Seriously, I had to ask my daughter how to put the drill bit into my son's chuckless drill!
But hey, if I can manage to do this, anybody can!!

Of course my quail are just nothing but eggs in my Genesis 1588 at this point (edited for clarity!) , so I don't know how it'll work in use, but the PVC filled with water. And refilled when I dumped the water onto my curious chickens underneath.

Here are a couple of pics:



My future quail are in a converted rabbit hatch, originally intended for the chickens, until I got bit by the quail bug. The chickens have a new hen house on the other side I bought from a craigslist builder in Ukiah.

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I STILL have not gotten around to mine yet, I have way too many other projects I still need to do I cant wait to see what others say though as I know without using it that it is a great idea
Guys it's an easy setup system and cheap I sold her the predrilled pot and the rest it up to you on how you want make it work pm me for more info and yes it works with chickens I can usually ship 2 for the same price I also include some tubing to connect to your bucket all you need is the potable hot and cold pvc pipe its the tan colored pipe. I got about 6 left then might not get alot till fall thats when we use them the most.
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Of course my quail are just incubating eggs at this point, so I don't know how it'll work in use, but the PVC filled with water.

What kind of quail do you have.​

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