Quail with leg issues question


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Jan 25, 2019
this little one hatched last night from the small end of the egg and has serious leg problems I tried to tape her legs together but they always seem to end up behind her is there anyway to fix this ? I tried to upload a video but it won’t let me basically her legs are behind her like she’s swimming if that makes any sense. I keep getting an error when I try to upload the video


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To upload a video you have to upload it to YouTube and then post a link here. The video function on BYC doesn't work.
Oh goodness I’ll never be able to figure out how to do that I take her legs and I’ve been putting her in a shot glass for about 30 minutes at a time every now and then
I had one like that in this week's hatch. I spent a lot of time just holding the baby in my hand WITH its feet bend the proper way, i.e. how they are supposed to be. Then I started holding the chick up with proper feet position without allowing it to move. After 2 days it was perfectly fine and running with the rest. Took me a lot of time during the day (!and night) though but I know their legs recover fast.
Just wondering how things are progressing?

My first hatch ever and one hatched with splayed legs and curled toes. It also ended up with feet spread out behind it like this when I bound the legs and both feet.

What I did was - used an old towel positioned around it to keep its feet underneath and prevent too much movement. Only when it tried to move or walk did its legs end up like this. I then put a bottle top of water and food it could access from its spot. To prevent leg weakness from not moving I used the glass method.

Less than 24 hrs when I took the bindings off the legs and one foot were completely fixed :)

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