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Feb 18, 2008
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Short answer: yes.

There are three types of quail commonly kept. Button Quail are really cage birds and the size of a budgie but live on the ground. They can be kept in an aquarium. Coturnix quail also called japanese or pharoah quail are the best for a first timer. They are tame, lay lots of eggs (200-300 per year per hen), barely fly (though they should be in a roofed cage or run), eggs hatch in 14 days (or is it 16? don't have a book in front of me) and are mature and start laying eggs in 6 WEEKS. The other type commonly kept are Bobwhites which are more nervous and will jump or flush if scared. In my youth I had some in a tall cage and one bird scalped himself trying to get away. They are mature in 5 months, lay 150-200 eggs per year and hatch in 21 days ( i think).

There's a bunch of variations of bobwhites and coturnix: jumbo, white, tennesee red, etc.

It's better to keep them on wire as bobwhite's get sick easy enough. All other quail should be kept on wire.

Males will fight when mature so keep in small groups: i.e. 2 males and 4 hens in a cage.

I spent hours poking around the net looking and found a quide from a gov't department. email me and I'll send it to you.

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