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  1. Tikkajazz94

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    I don't actually know what to call them other than chicks... So I hope you don't mind my Title 'Quailings'

    Anyway.... so I've hatched 2 quail so far :D I here more peeping so I'm hoping for some more by tomorrow.... I have my new Hovabator. It already getting set up for a hatch.... But anyway.....

    So as I said got 2 so far, and waiting for more. How long should I keep the quail in there for before taking them out? Tomorrow is day 18... when should I check if their alive and stuff???

    Pics coming soon :D
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    I've left them in for 24 hours before. However once they're nearly dry they begin pecking around for food and become very active so I try to take them out once they're dry enough to make it in the brooder. I do like to keep a cheerleader in the 'bator though. Checking for life is your call. I have done it but you run the risk of shrink wrapping if you cannot get the humidity back up quickly or if you keep them out too long.
  3. Tikkajazz94

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    Thanks Dingo.
    Well, I had No choice to take them out. my Dad decided that he would open the bator this morning, and move eggs around >:O Even though I said for him not to.

    So I have the chicks in the brooder, one already started eating, couldn't tell about the other. They both drank water though I Showed them the water(er) like I read to do. Cuz my dad opened the bator, I added more water, added a wet cloth, I re-candled, could tell 4 were sorta duds, So all of them (even the duds) are in there. I want to test my knowledge of the eggs.

    So out of the 20 eggs, two hatched, 4 sorta duds, leaving 14 not duds..... Not to bad so far.... Im going to give them a few extra days to hatch.
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    I will usually leave my incubator going until day 21...sometimes there a few late bloomers...congrats with the ones you have so far and wish you many more!
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    Congrats on your hatches!
  6. Tikkajazz94

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    Thanks, I have 5 chicks now :D Im happy with that number. I have one pecking through the egg already. 4 complete duds, and leaving me with 11 eggs left. Good number.... Pics are coming shortly. I might have to cull one, due to it having bad feet and its having a hard time walking [​IMG]

    I have another bator running with 40 eggs in it. I have a order of a dozen eggs for eating, My friend wants some quail chicks after seeing pics of them on my Facebook. I'm slowing coming into business. Idk where Im going to manage some for eating if my friends keep asking for some.
  7. Tikkajazz94

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    7 hatched, but one didn't make it, so 6 chicks left. The rest of the eggs aren't good. One was close to hatch, but it got Shrink (something, forget what its called), three others deveoloped, but they died.... :( But I am happy with the amount I got..... Its my first hatch (I've never done chicken eggs, or any other kind)... So I'm happy :D
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    Mar 2, 2009
  9. Tikkajazz94

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Feb 17, 2012
    Hows the baby quail buisness going now? Good job at your first incubator run.

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