Quails? Need some help :)


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
My sister is planning on doing some quails, but know nothing about them, any advise would be a great thanks!
(she may join BYC later when she gets the eggs but I dont know
Well, there's many quail experts here on this board, but you've gotta get more specific with species before many of them chime in!
Well... Ok

Can you keep them over winter in a insolated room with a heat lamp?

Do they need to be turned as eggs?

How are the jumbo bobwhites for meat?

How do you guys brood you chicks?

Do you need to do something speical with eggs? What temps? How long does it take for quails?.

I dont know what all she wants me to ask, I will make her get on and ask on this thread tommarow. Thanks!
bobwhites are agood quail to start out with, i do not raise bobwhites any more i raise mountain quail and button. you should have no problem raising them where you are from. keep them off the ground , donot overcrowd them,because they may start to pick . i live in northern maine and i always had good luck with bobwhites outside with just acage with alarge house on one end with shavings . doug
I would start out with a few coturnix. They will be fine outside if you want to keep them like that. Brood them like chickens for the most part. Just have a drown proof waterer and game bird starter, preferably non-medicated. Incubate them with higher humidity and the same temp. Good luck.
We are in east TN in decatur, there a 5 feed stores in our area. We will check, thanks.

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