Quality Silkie Eggs in BBS and Buff, NPIP

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    I have 16 recently collected Silkie eggs. I have been collecting three times per day to avoid having them get to cold during this cold snap. I have an incubator full with like eggs that are 100% fertile. A recent customer emailed me yesterday and she hatched 11 out of 15 eggs shipped to Florida.

    I hate to waste these eggs becaue the girls will be broody again soon.

    I double box and I have had excellent results from my shipped eggs this year.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and view additional photos on my website: www.knightschicks.com

    Please PM for payment instructions, this is a PayPal listing. I can arrange for shipments in the future with money orders but these need to go out.
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