quarantine? Can I put her in my garden?

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  1. jstlitlome

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    Mar 11, 2013
    I have my White Plymouth Rock in a dog kennel in my garage because she has had several days of runny poo.I bathed her, gave her some wheat germ, layer feed and yogurt per this thread... https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/vent-gleet-aka-nasty-chicken-butt

    Should I keep her in the small kennel for a couple of days, or can I put her in my garden, which is fenced during the day? At least she could walk around. Problem is, she could probably eat some tomatoes. Ok by me, but not sure it that will help with the runny poo.

    She is upset in the little kennel in my garage. will she be ok there, or should I put her in my garden?
  2. Country4ever

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    Oct 26, 2007
    She might pull up everything in your garden. Just keep her in your dog crate. She'll be fine there, even if she doesn't like it. Plus, you'll be better able to keep an eye on her intake and output.
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    Does she have something contagious like coccidiosis that you are isolating her for? Many chickens can have diarrhea and be normal. Drinking too much water can cause it and having worms, but many have it occasionally for no reason. Every 9th poop is a cecal poop which is yellow brown and runny. One chicken in a garden probably wouldn't do a lot of damage.
  4. jstlitlome

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    Mar 11, 2013
    My garden is pretty much caput. She could just rummage around to her hearts content. Would probably do it good!

    I don't really think that she is contagious, as a matter of fact, she seems to feel fine. But this is my chickie with a weepy/foamy eye. (has been weepy since a chick) and her eggs are even a little goofy. I know that her immune system is always down, and just dont want any secondary infections to spread to the flock. Also, I just thought maybe a week of TLC would set her to rights.

    Now that I typed all that out, seems right to keep her in the kennel, to keep her clean. I'll keep bathing her, treating that eye, and flush her digestive system. I want to keep her, but she's so unhealthy all the time.

    I feel really sorry for her in my garage! Oops, just heard the egg song in my garage, better go see what she did. :)


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