Quarantine mistake


5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
My chicken friend told me to introduce my l0 one month olds into my newly established (10 day old) flock of 6 four month olds after a few daysl The babies were in a dog crate in the chicken run, I let them out and all day they stayed huddled in a corner of the coop. So that night I put them back into the crate in the run with food and water. It is too late to "unmix" them…what should I do now? Thank you for your help, Janis
If they had any disease or parasites they're already in your coop so I'd say it's too late.

Quarantine is usually at least 2 weeks as far from the existing flock as possible. Manage your flock first each day and then the new birds. Washing up and disinfecting shoes before going back to your flock.

At this point, just make sure they have extra food and water sources so the big ones can't keep them from eating and drinking.
Give it some time. You would need to separate them if pecking gets bad and drawing blood but if that didn't happen then they should integrate in a few days to week.

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