Quarantine new birds?

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    NPIP does NOT mean the breeder's flock is disease-free, only Pullorum and Typhoid free, and sometimes Avian Influenza-free, depending on the particular state. That was created for the protection of the food supply, not for backyard flock owners. They could still be carriers of many of the most common diseases, like CRD/Mycoplasmosis, Coryza, etc.

    If I could just get people to see that NPIP is not what they think it is, I'd be very satisfied. Quarantine needs to be observed for all started birds you purchase from anyone, no matter how much you trust them. I never buy started birds at all. The stress isn't worth it.
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    Good to know! I did buy some addl chicks a couple months ago but kept them separate and built a separate coop for them as well. Am planning on buying some more chicks soon and building yet another coop for those. I suppose I was under the impression that when you bought from a hatchery that they were safer then buying from individuals.
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    Quote:Yes it does.

    This past fall for the first time in years and years I bought a couple of trios of a bantam breed I was having no luck finding hatching eggs from. I got them from a breeder. They were quarentined from september/october until April almost a football field length away from my breeder pens. After 6 weeks in quarentine I introduced a "sacrifice" bird from my own flock to them to make sure they weren't carriers of any disease and not showing signs of it. After all the time...and money I had spent getting my breeder flocks going I was not about to risk introducing any illness into my flocks.
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