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I know this has been discussed in length on BYC forum, but I want to add some Bantys to my flock of seven standard hens. Whats the proper way to quarantine these new birds and introducing them to the flock so they will be accepted? Thanks
30 days of true isolation. Don't even wear the same clothes when feeding them and your other birds.

Watch them close for ANY signs of disease like nasal discharge, eye issues, leg issues, and strange poop.
Like how far away from the other chickens? Just keep them in a small cage?
As far as possible as in different barns or areas of your house. Birds in the same room will still spread disease.

Dog crates work well as a cage. You can keep up to 5 or 6 bantams in a large dog cage for the isolation period.
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I would say you quarantine even if your getting the new birds from the same source (hatchery, etc.) as the old ones....what your exisintg birds have may affect the new arrivals as much as the other way around
"Needs" is totally up to you.

But there is no guarantee whatsoever that a "breeder" (whatever that means, other than a person who breeds chickens) does not have various diseases resident in their flock. Many many many DO. Even if it is not apparent when their flock is at home and unstressed.

Really, your best chance at avoiding introducing Bad Diseases (PC knows whereof he speaks, here - so do many others on the forum!) into your flock is a fairly strict and lengthy quarantine, for ANY birds coming in, whatever the source.

Whether to actually DO that is of course a matter of personal choice.

Good luck, have fun,


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