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  1. I brought in some babies today. I will quarantine them, despite feeling the breeder is reputable etc, just to be on the safe side.

    I can find no where how far away they need to be from my flock. I have them in the house, but I have a hatch coming. I would like to put them in a part of my yard far from the flock, or even in the barn where the flock has no access.

    Does anyone have very specific info. So far my searches have not given me much. I am sure the info is out there. I checked the biosecurity sticky, with no specifics there either.

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    For quarantine.....anywhere your existing flock does not have access is fine. I wouldnt want them in a pen right next to them. I have a "coop" just for quarantines. Stays pretty much empty...but...its there when I need it.
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    It's hard to say an exact distance. You really dont want them breathing the same air or where they can really see each other or be face to face. I put my rooster in a dog kennel in my bsmt. I also had one up on the deck about 8 ft above the other girls and away from them so they had no contact. I commend you for being cautious! No breeder should be insulted if someone quarantines his/her birds, either. Shows they'll be taken care of properly.
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    Quote:Your right Cyn you definitely dont want them breathing the same air. I keep all my quarantined birds across my 7 acre farm in the barn for 6 weeks.(some diseases take that long to show) Some diseases can travel on cloths, air, etc. so take care of these birds last. I show my birds so Im extra cautious not to lose any of them, because the more I show the more my stock is worth.
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    Try to keep them down wind of your flock....Id say 30 days is a good time for Quarantine..We've done it few times here. But we try not to bring in to many outside birds unless we have to for breeding purposes or to add new blood in..

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  6. Thanks so far for the replies. There is so much talk about quarantine, but there is not as much info as I had hoped. The wind direction issue my husband helped with, so he had the same thought, wilds of pa.

    The kids are getting a great education. They went with me to a chickenstock and got to see all the sweet birds, many different types. Then they promptly had to come home, strip, disinfect their hands, and bleach their shoes. [​IMG]

    I am keeping the baby bantams in the house for a month in a different room far from our new hatch that is coming in 3 days and put the new 9 week old barbanters that came today about 1/2 acre away in a tractor I had made for the bantam babies. Our flock is far away, maybe even 3/4 of an acre away, so I am thinking this will work....

    Thank you all. If I find more specific info, I will let post it.
  7. I just rememberd that the McMurray print catlog has an entire section on avian biosecurity. For some reason that information is not on their web site though. Its on page 6 in the print catalog

    The McMurray information comes from this US Department of Agriculture link.

  8. Phyllis

    Thank you for that link. Very helpful for several things....[​IMG]

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