Quarantining Started Pullets From A Hatchery Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by TheCrazyChick, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. TheCrazyChick

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    I have done a lot of research about the benefits of quarantining. I am definitely not a "take the easy way out" kinda gal, as I have recently quarantined 3 new 6-month hens (purchased a local farmer) from my seven 4 month olds with success. However, I have ordered for pick up 2 EE started pullets (16-20 weeks old) from Meyer Hatchery for April 27th pick up. Do I need to quaarantine them from my 4 and 6 month olds that are out in the coop? I guess I was assumiing, coming from a reputable hatchery, that they would be assured of healthiness. Am I wrong? Certainly don't want to jeopardize my current 9. I realize "better safe than sorry", but also don't want to unduly stress them in quarantine either. Just not sure what I should plan for, come April 27th!
  2. Mahonri

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    Meyer is reputable.

    if they look healthy, I'd integrate them right away.

    BUT... it's always good to be on the safe side and watch and keep them separate for two weeks.
  3. sourland

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    Chances are the new birds will be healthy, but there's always that possibility ---------------
  4. TheCrazyChick

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    Thank you both for your opinions. Different opinions, yes, but still valuable to my decision. I will probably flip flop on this right up to April 27th!
  5. pipdzipdnreadytogo

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    Meyer is reputable and I don't think your new birds would be carrying anything, but I'm not sure if I would personally take the chance on it. I also think it would be more stressful for them to go immediately into the middle of an established flock than it would be to quarantine them. I would at least give them a couple weeks to get used to their new surroundings before beginning to integrate. That's just what my thoughts are on it. :)
  6. TheCrazyChick

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    That's pretty much what I'm thinking, too. At least give them 2 weeks in quarantine inside in the mega brooder, then into the tractor for a week right next to the run. Then time for the formal introductions.
  7. Fred's Hens

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    Started pullets are usually sold with clipped beaks.
  8. TheCrazyChick

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    Unfortunately, in the case of Meyer Hatchery, I believe that is indeed the case. Did not realize that until recently.
  9. quiltchick

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Can I ask why would they clip the beaks?
  10. TheCrazyChick

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    I think it's because the birds they are raising for sale as started pullets are all floor raised in large flocks, so there is probably a pretty good chance (100% chance) there will be pecking going on. Probably harder to sell started pullets who've had their eyeballs pecked out! That's just my guess, though. Anybody know for sure?

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