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    Mar 29, 2009
    I have read through other thread about this, but have managed to confuse myself...[​IMG]

    I am waiting for three MyPet Chicken chicks to arrive in June.I also have three 1 month olds at home. As I understand it, I don't need to worry about the hatchery chicks infecting my flock, but should I worry about my flock infecting the new arrivals? My current chicks have been inside, are transitioning to outside this afternoon, no contact with other chickens. I have also not been to stores/places where poultry could contaminate my shoes (all on line, baby!).

    Any advice?
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    Last year one large hatchery shipped a bunch of chicks, only to have it turn out they were diseased. Have not heard of a problem like that this year. Although your older ones are probably not carrying something, there is never a 100% guarantee. Stuff happens.

    Personally, I'd just put them together, at least if they don't start pecking too much. Or at least right next to each other where they can see each other.

    But it is a judgment call, and your choice.
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