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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by KB, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Oct 13, 2008
    I have 3 Buckeye hens - ages 2 years, 1.5 year and 11 mo. olds. Quarantine is almost over - another week to go until I hit the 30 day mark. Now I've got a new set of questions!

    My chicks - also Buckeyes are 12 weeks old tomorrow. I doubt I'll raise chicks in the
    house again - especially during Fall/Winter in Ohio. They are still in
    my house. I have convinced myself that they aren't as they should be due to being home-raised rather than outside. Garage isn't predator proof so that is why they haven't gone out sooner. Coop wasn't completely done until a month ago and I moved the new hens in there.

    Am I setting myself up for trouble by dividing my coop in half for my
    babies after being home-raised? My husband ran electric to the hen house and I'll have a heat lamp out there. The heat hasn't been on in the room that my babies are in but it's still quite a bit warmer in the room (50 deg.) than it is outside.

    My hens aren't getting any heat via electricity now. How will having a heat lamp out affect them after they've lived more like chickens?

    I'm worrying myself sick over this. The size difference is
    substantial - I swear I've screwed the chicks up size-wise by keeping them inside.

    How bad have I screwed up and am I going to be able to transfer my chicks?

    Thanks so much for your patience with me!

    Kristie & Flock
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    move them out and keep an eye on them, if they are cold they will huddle to let you know. i always at first just put them out for an hour or two to start with and make it longer go slow eack day till they get adjusted. they will be fine.
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    You didn't say how many chicks you have. At 12 weeks old they should be pretty well feathered out. Make sure there is plenty of feed and water for them. You could put a heat lamp on for the and if they get cold they will huddle under the heat. When they huddle they generate quite a bit of heat amoung them. The more birds the more heat they generate when they huddle together. I put a red 250 watt heat lamp out for mine on really cold nights when it's forcasted to be freezing or below, but I live in north central Florida and we do have some rather chilly days now and then. It's susposed to get in the around 40 the next few nights. Mine go out into their runs during the day no matter what the temp is. If you do put them out just watch them for awhile.
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    Oct 13, 2008
    Thanks so much for the replies.

    I have just 5 - 4 pullets and a tiny baby roo and then the 3 girls.

    FWIW, we are in a deep freeze right now and it'll only get worse, or at best stay the same, temp wise until at least Mar. [​IMG]

    Coop is 8x8 wood with attached enclosed run and the older girls have option to free-range on 12 acres - which they have zero interest in right now.

    We're wrapping foam insulation on the outside of the coop and we have it bedded deep with shavings & straw. The older girls roost on an straw bale every night.

    Water freezes every night in this kind of weather but I'm out there early AM with fresh because of that and electric just being finished.

    Heat lamp I have is 250W - but it is clear - should I get red?

    If you have any suggestions on total safety in regards to heating and a possible timer (?) for wood coop I'm open for your experienced advice!!
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