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    May 14, 2011
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    So, the chick pictured below is probably a good lesson in not going above and beyond the call of duty to save a chick very early on...she wouldn't eat for quite some time on her own, and we were dipping her beak in yolk every hour. Then she went through a period where she'd cry and cry as if she was freezing, and would only stop if my wife picked her up and held her close. A couple weeks later, we found her with a horrible crook/wry neck that only got worse.

    She is now almost 6 weeks old. She's a Dominique we got from Murray McMurray. We received 3 or 4. All died except this one. All the other breeds in the order are terrific. I called them, informed them of the issue and they took care of us. I asked if anyone else reported problems with this hatch, and they said not, but I'm skeptical. Anyway, at this point it's moot.

    What I'm wondering now, is if this thing can survive and live a decent life. I have people telling me other places that she should be culled, she's in misery and I'm tormenting her by keeping her alive. She eats, runs around, forages a bit when we let her out to free range. But having never dealt with this, I don't know what the future holds. So, I'd like opinions...Here she is:


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    This bird should be euthanized. It is not going to be able to live a normal life and the potential for further, worse problems due to the deformity are great.
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    I tend to be a bleeding heart. I would have done the same thing in your situation. In my opinion if she is able to drink, eat, run around and forage with the other chickens then whats the harm. If she doesnt appear to be in pain of any kind and isnt picked on by the other birds then I say see what comes. She may die naturally on her own or you may find you need to euthanize her later on if things get worse. But for now if she is happy then I would say let her be :)
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    Is this bird eating, drinking & doing what the other chickens her age do? If the answers to all are "yes", and she's a pet, let her stick around so long as she has quality of life. I'm a CVT (certified veterinary technician) and in dealing with many people & elderly patients, a check-list has been developed... write down the things your " insert pet here" likes/needs to do. sleep well, eat, drink, eliminate are on everyone's lists... on yours, I'd add things like forage, scratch, hop on her perch, etc... so long as all those things are going well, so is she! If/when she is not doing her things, that is a time you should consider euthanasia.
    But then, this is advice coming from an owner of a Cornish x Rock peep with 2 poopers! LOL I already have my bird's checklist on hand... if mine needs to be euthanized to minimize suffering, then it will be done... if not, I'll have an oddity for awhile!
    Good luck with "Kinky"-neck!
    Jen P, her Pack & the growing flock
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    Wry neck is basically caused by vitamin deficiency; I believe selinium, vitamin E and B complex in conjunction with electrolytes or baby formula might help her out. I've never dealt with wry neck, but you can type it in the seach box and read about treating for it.
    Personally, I wouldve culled weeks earlier.
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    i have been up most of the night with call duckling who hatched yesterday around 10am.. he/she keeps his head laying on its back..he was with mom the 2nd one to hatch but he got out from under mom and got cold we bought him in with his other mate we is going great,

    he can not stand up just pushes himself till he flips over, if you hold him by water he will drink but can not get him to eat,, he has great set of lungs..

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