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8 Years
May 25, 2011
I have a set of 5 ducklings i got about 3 weeks ago at a poultry auction, i was just wondering is it okay for me to feed them on growers pellets like my chicks. They are about two and a half month old. i have been feeding them on them and they seem to be fine so far, i just want to know so that i dont do any damage to them by not feeding them the appropriate feed. or should i give them corn, i was at first giving them corn but the chicks there with where not looking as good, they had very large crops that were solid with it so i changed the feed.

any help would be appreciated thanks

If they are 2 1/2 months old I would go with LOWER protein around 16% (your grower pellets will more than likely be between 13%-16% so they should be perfectly OK for them at this age), and NOT the starters at 20% which is too high at this age- they will develop angelwing if they stay on starter feed at this age.

Also, give them some chopped greens, peas, romaine lettuce, cold boiled potatoes smashed a bit- this is better for them than cracked corn.

Good luck!!
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Right thanks, i did move them from corn to the growers pellets after a couple day of having them, then i began giving them the growers. so hopefully that wont give them any lasting effects, they seem to be growing more then fast enough on the pellets i gave then at least a and inch each week.

Also i have some chicks and ducklings ready to hatch in the next week or so, is it ok to give both standard chick feed and for how long shall i feed them till reducing them to growers? and at what age shall i place them in the pen with the older ducks.

thanks for the links and advice

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