Quest for the Sparkly Hoozits

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    Role-play theme-

    By the way, how do you make a Character page? PM me if you can help me.

    You come from the world Matron, a world filled with magic and machines, co-existing. A truly remarkable place where anything is possible.
    But as of late, the Emperor has fallen gravely ill. His death would leave an opening in the Defenses of the Centrs atdziest vieta Empire. An opening that would allow the Tyrants of the Deserts to Conquer your home. In a desperate attempt to save the land, the Emperor has called upon the champions of Centrs to collect the Dzirksti, a legendary artifact that is said to preserve any life. The story says that it is to be found in the ruins of Nosaukums, yet no one knows where they lye. You must find this treasure, and return it to the Emperor, before it is too late.


    Dark Elf- The Dark Elves tend to have black or silver hair, and dark or very pale skin. Dark Elves live in great cities made of dark stone. They mostly use two handed swords such as Cleavers and broad swords, or use crossbows. Dark Elves always seem to where dark colours such as blacks, deep purples and dark blues.

    High Elf- High Elves are a tall and pale. Their hair is usually a bleach, golden or ginger color. They mainly use longbows, spears, atals, or other long ranged weapons. If it comes down to it, they will fight with a knife.

    Wood Elf- Wood Elves often have tan skin, brown hair, and green/Hazel eyes. Wood elves are extremely agile, and like to use stealth. Wood Elves prefer not to wear armor as this allows them to move more rapidly through forests and they tend to wear fabrics in greens and browns to match in with their surroundings.

    Genies- All powerful Creatures that can change into any shape or size. Genies are the good or "yang" of Djinn. Genies are usually water based, although some are ice based. Their main weapon is water and ice magic.

    Jinn- All powerful Creatures that can change into any shape or size. Jinn are the bad or "yin" of Djinn. Jinn are usually fire based, although some are earth based. Their main weapon is fire or earth magic.

    Smaller Creatures
    Note- all of these creatures can shrink down to about the size of your pinkie finger.

    Fairies- Fairies are small, usually 4-5 feet in their full size. They usually have wings and their hair is usually bright colors such as orange, yellow, bright green, red, pink, sky blue, and lavender. Fairies clothes and wings usually match their hair. They tend not to fight, but they can summon nature to do their will.

    Nixies- Nixies are mischievous people, but surprisingly good craftsmen. They look just like humans, but the only way to tell them apart is to see if they shrink down. Nixies fight with their wits, making boby traps and sabotaging the enemies camp.

    Other creatures
    Orcs- Orcs are strong, green, black haired warriors. They mainly wield battle axes, war hammers and maces.

    Humans- Need I say more?

    Dragons- Dragons can breath Fire, Ice, water, lightning, or air. Their scales can be any color as well as their eyes. In human form, their eyes stay the same, and their clothing match the color of their scales. Their hair and skin color can be anything.

    TOWNS (map coming soon)

    - You are allowed to swear, please just censor it.
    - No all powerfull characters, (unless your a Djinn of course :3)
    - If you chose to be a Djinn, you MUST have a PICTURE because I can't have 1,000 running around blowing stuff up, can I?
    - Only one Dragon character per person.
    - Replace "other" with "shenanigans" if you read the rules.
    - I am the supreme ruler of the world Matron, WHAT I SAY GOES.
    - No one liners, you came to the big kid role play WRITE A FREAKIN PARAGRAPH. (You don't actually have to.)
    - You don't have to do the 1/4 doge rule, because I think it's stupid.
    - If someone says their character hit you, you can' doge. Don't start whining about it, don't instantly heal, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.
    - Do not break any of the rules or you will be placed on THE LIST OF SHAME
    - If you Roleplay with someone on the list of shame you will be put on THE LIST OF SHAME
    - If you are cooler than me you will be put on the LIST OF SHAME

    Crap, I forgot.


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  2. Name- T'lan
    Age- Unknown
    Race- Jinn
    Weapon- Fire magic
    Personality- Mysterious, intelligent, and powerful. Rarely ever talks.
    Bio- No one knows when or how she was born. She will give you information for a price (she has a weakness for cast iron jewelry, rubies, and topaz) She always has a hint of a smile, like she know something you don't, which she probably does.
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    Name- Armeon
    Age- ??????
    Race- Genie
    Weapon- Daedric Magic Circles (Any Type Of Dragon Magic He Absorbs He Uses)
    Personality- Armeon Is A Kind,Strong,Stubborn But, He Has A Strong Sense Of Justice
    Bio- Armeon Is A Genie Who Was Raised By A Dragon Far Up The Mountains He Has Always Wanted To Help The World And Not Bring Chaos So He Has Trained All His Life Weaknesses- ??????
    Appearance-Picture Not Done)
    A Tall Dark Skinned Genie With Short Curly Hair And Dragon Scaled Arms Not Much More Is Known
  4. Accepted
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    Oh Armeon's Theme-
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    XD Maybe....

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