Question aboud placing baby chicks with broody hen


10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Salem County, New Jersey
I have recently had the misfortune of a broody hen sit on a large clutch (and I mean large) of eggs with no success. She is still sitting on a couple eggs while I look for a couple day old chicks. I have the opportunity to get some 2-4 week old chicks but wanted to understand if they will accept her as momma or if she will accept them as babies?

Does anyone have experience with this?
From my experience the older the chicks are the less likely it will work. 2-4 week old chicks won't know what to do with mama and will be scared of her, which will let her know they're not hers and she'll probably attack them. You need to get some that are only a day or 2 old for the best luck. Just be ready to raise them yourself if mama doesn't accept them. It doesn't always work. Good luck!

Wow thanks - that was a fast reply. I am still looking to see if I can find some younger in my area but not having much luck. Since I only want about 3-6 chicks, I don't want to order the minimum that you find at most of the online hatcheries.
You can always get the chicks you're looking at and just raise them in a brooder. I tried to put 1-wk old chicks under a broody once and they were terrified of her and she started trying to kill them, so that's just my experience. Someone else might have a different experience.
I have a silkie that went broody after her first egg. Sat for little over 3 weeks, I got 6 - 4 day old chicks from someone else. Touch and go at first. I put my hand in there to move one closer. Mama said Oh no your not, peck.
That was two days ago and she's a very good mama and they chimb all over her.

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