Question about a chicken that was having seizures etc!


In the Brooder
Apr 17, 2015
So two nights ago one of my chicks (6/7 weeks old) began having seizures. It was almost like she was seeing things, then all of a sudden would freak out and her wings would spread out, eyes would close and body would be stiff like. Then I'd help her become stable and she would be okay... just wobble/lethargic/acting drunk. I brought her inside to the brooder that they were in before I put them in the coop- she sat in the same spot all night. At that time I had not seen her eat/drink or poop at all. The next morning She was pecking at the ground/food but didn't really seem to pay attention to what she was doing. Last night she was roosting on a low bar I have in the brooder... then I finally saw her eating and drinking.. poops seemed normal, one loose one.... have not seen any more seizures yet... this morning I went down and there was A LOT of poops... a whole pile of them, still normal looking just a little white...... she was eating and drinking again.. tweeting etc.... I am not sure what to think.... I don't want to keep her away from the flock if she's okay, but at the same time I don't want to put her back with them if she's going to freak out and have seizures..... any thoughts????

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