Question about a hen nesting in a tight spot

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    Well first, on a question I asked about percentage of eggs hatched I made a mistake. Forgot one of the hens had one other egg under her, besides the frizzles. Remembering about it has nade me want to ask another question on here. Sorry I am asking so many questions, is just so nice there is a place I can ask about my babies now.
    The reason I forgot was the chick she hatched died. Mom spotted the hen off of her nest, sitting on the other side of the ramp from where her nest was. She had made an indentetion, and did that little call they do and fluffed her feathers, which made Mom curious so she lifted Frizz-butt up and there was a dead chick under her. There wasn't a mark on the it, and it was fluffed out and looked perfect.
    What I am wondering Frizz-butt chose to make her nest between the ramp to the hen house and the fence, a real tight area. There is also a cloth rag right next to her because 3 black snakes burrowed 2 ft down ( know was 2 feet, that was how deep we burried the fence) and they came up under the ramp, and proceeded to steal eggs I had under 4 other hens, untill We foud all 3 of them in the closet of a storage room we were cleaning in the back part of the house. The snakes are now gone.But had to fill in the hole when I found it so no eggs rolled into it.
    Any ways what I wanted to know is if that spot being so tight could have contributed to the chick dying? Another words could it have suffocated?? And if it did how did the chick get to the other spot, could the hen have pulled it there? If there's a chance that was what happened, I will watch her like a hawk with the 2 she has under her that are growing. Is why I want to know. Thank you for putting up with me asking so many questions, thank you
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    There are way too many factors for the dead chick. It could have simply been unhealthy. Or the mom could have squished it. I don't think it's cause it was in such a tight spot though.

    Maybe someone else has some ideas for you.
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    Quote:I didnt know we were getting graded for spelling here!
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    Just trying to help a poster out... [​IMG]

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