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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MineAlways, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. MineAlways

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    I bought some chicks this week from tractor supply. I bought the 6 chick min. I was thinking about getting a few more!!! I know what you are thinking chicken math right lol but not really. I really only want 6 or so as that is what I think my family can handle but.... I want more variety. I really had my heart set on at least a bantam or two prefer silky and maybe an easter egger or something

    So here is my thought and please tell me if I am heading up the wrong road. I have 6 chicks right now. If I wait till tractor supply gets in what I want mainly bantams. I know they will be straight run but I figure I can sell or heck give away any that I dont want on craigslist. So here is what I am thinking. Keep 1 breed of each that I have now and then get 3 more to keep permanently and then sell the remaining 6. Sound good or foolish?

    So here is my questions
    How long can I wait to add more to the flock. What I mean is if tractor supply doesnt get what I want in for a few weeks how big of a deal is that. I know I should try to get them close in age but they may not get bantams in for a week or 2.

    Also I dont think these chicks are vax for mercks is it risky to add more chicks in even though they probably come from the same hatchery?

    Thanks for any help

    My husband would appreciate it if someone talks me out of it baahahahaha [​IMG]
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  2. BWKatz

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    May 22, 2010
    You can add chicks w/o problems for a couple of weeks Just don't tell hubby. LOL
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    I agree that you can add chicks at a couple of weeks age difference. But much more of than two weeks and you will have problems.

    My concern about your plan though is adding very young bantams to 2 week old full size birds. There is going to be a huge size difference. I personally would not do this would NOT do this. I think you will need to raise them separately in in two brooders. Just my opinion.
  4. donrae

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    I have an almost three week difference in my brooder currently. No problems. I'll need to seperate them in a few weeks, simply for space issues, but a couple weeks difference is okay. And more than that, you can just brood them seperate and combine them when everyone's feathered. If they're adolescent they'll still be squabbling, but shouldn't be anything major.

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