Question about bald-headed hens

Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex

10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Rogue Valley, S. Oregon
Okay Turken/showgirl folks, help me out on this...
I have a hen (speckled sussex) who was injured by a dog after sticking her head through the fence that separates them. She is recovering nicely, but her injury was pretty terrible to see. All the skin from the back of her head was torn compltely off, revealing her skull. The skin has grown back, but so far there is no indication that the feathers will ever grow back. I have another hen with a narrow featherless stripe down her neck where the scar tissue replaced the torn feathered skin, so I know sometimes the feathers just don't come back.
I don't mind her being a little ugly (I have never been a fan of naked necked chickens) because she is still a darling little pullet, but I worry about her loosing the protective feathers. The poor girl has been in seclusion in my greenhouse for far too long (in her opinion!) and I have promised her that as soon as the last scab is gone she can go back home with her friends.
The problem is I worry about the roosters... They grab the hens' neck feathers (just where she hasn't got any) when they breed and I don't want my sweet little sussex to be re-injured, nor do I want her to live in isolation (she already cusses me out whenever she thinks I am listening for keeping her cloistered away!) I want her to be able to free range with her sisters, but I also want the boys to keep that privalege. I was also planning a breeding project she was supposed to be involved in.

So how do naked-necked hens fare with roosters around? I have never considered keeping bald chickens before, so I never thought about this issue.

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