Question about barn converted to coop?

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  1. Willow's Meadow

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    Apr 16, 2010
    So we have have this big red barn behind our house that we plan to use as the coop. It has windows, fans in the roof, big doors, side doors, cement floor and a good roof with shingles. It has been used for storage mostly for the past few(uhh lotttttssss) of years. But SOME of my family members think that racoons/foxes will get in at night and get our chickens. All the loose boards, holes etc. are sealed up and nailed back in place now. But they think I should put the chickens in something at night and then put that something inside the barn. So I was going to use a large dog kennel, but once they are full grown they are going to need something bigger, even though the kennel is pretty big. I really wanted to just section of part of the barn with chicken wire, put roosts in and let them sleep/live there. How can I tell if raccoons can get in? It wood, nails, cement floor and a roof--can they get in? I keep telling my family RACCOONS AREN'T HULK!!!! or superman!!!! [​IMG] I'll post pics of the barn sometime this week.
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    May 9, 2010
    u can build a (coop) inside the barn very cheep hahahahaha just put down framing then fence it off no need for wall cuz they will be inside of the barn racoons will eat your chickens i walked out side with my hen and a racoon attacked me it barely was dark! just be careful

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