Question about broody momma and new chicks


Apr 22, 2015
Not sure where to put this questions.

Momma planted herself in the straw/hay shed and refused to stay in the broody pen by the coop so I left her. Her chicks are hatching. May all be hatched by morning. Should I leave her and let her drag them all the way over to the coop for food and water or should I take her and kids over to the coop in the small cage she is in?

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If she won't bring them around, I would put food and water they all can reach them. For baby chicks put clean pebbles in a shallow pan for water, so chicks don't fall in and drown. I think she will bring them over once hatching is finished., since they like to teach the chicks about their world.
Howdy YellowRose1 and welcome to BYC

Sorry, I am finding it a little difficult to picture the scenario.

Is she in a cage now in the straw/hay shed? If not and she and her little ones are safe from predators, I would just pop some food and water in with her.

If you can safely leave the straw/hay shed door open during the day, I would do that also so that she can take them for an explore to the coop if she wants to.

If the cage is small and not much room for moving around, I would be reluctant to keep them in a small cage in the coop. Also, she has been gone for approximately 3 weeks and may not be greeted with open wings by the rest of the flock if forced to return to the coop.

Beautiful picture!
Thank you...

The shed has an open front, I put fencing across the front at night to keep her safe. and when she refuse to stay in the brooder pen I did put straw in a approximate 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 small wire cage we built for this reason for extra protection. As for the rest the hens. Her 3 buff friends are over in that area with her most the day. They know she is there cuz she chewed them up if they tried to get in her nest. I wish I knew where they were putting their eggs when they don't make it to the coop so maybe it won't be to bad. I just really want her over there with the other momma and babies. Those are about 4 weeks old.

I may actually have another hen thinking about doing the same thing.

Anywho thank you. I will kinda play it by ear I guess.
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Hubby says the cage is closer to 3 ft long. This is an image of the set up. It was so cold that we did what we could to help keep her warm. And if she was moved to the coop in the cage, we would keep the old flannel sheet over her just like it is under the old rotten tarp. Sometimes pictures are better.

The little red and green things in there to the left are parakeet feeders. Because she absolutely refused to get off the nest for any reason and we had to force her out every other day to help keep the nest clean. But since the first peep we haven't done that. Altho she did finally take herself off yesterday and did a serious dust bath in the garden. I think she is/was dealing with mites. I was real nervous when she did come off to dust when I realized one egg had a tiny hole in it. But she wasn't gone long and all she did was dust herself. It is about a 1 1/2 foot off the ground.

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While out putting water and food down on the ground for the kids and talking to mom the Babies had to come out and see what was going on.

Here's my other momma and 5 kids... Sorry the pics aren't that good.

PS All my kids were hand raised by me last year and all very friendly. Most the girls come running to me when I am outside and want me to hide them from Roo. Aggressive little booger...

I so wish now I would have given these girls more eggs. I want to get my flock up to 25 or 30. I have, not counting babies. I have one Roo and 18 girls. I will only be keeping pullets chicks. Two Roo's were to stressful for the girls. :(..
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Mom took care of it with the horses help. She chose to use the place she has felt safe in up to this point
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How long does it take for momma hen to integrate her chicks when she was already a loner somewhat? Estimations welcome. Experience better.
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There's no way to estimate what a live animal will do...but here's my one and only experience.

My broody was low on the order, I took the temporary separation wire wall down when the chicks were 2 weeks old,
broody immediately got into some hellacious fights over the main feeder when she stood up to previous superiors.
The chicks were hanging out in the broody nest, this was middle of winter and it was very cold, and were never directly threatened-mostly ignored by flock.
After the 3 fights in the first couple days, which I had to break up cause neither bird was backing down, the rooster was ineffective and blood was being drawn,
things were pretty quiet tho broody continued to wield her new power.
It was at 8 weeks that broody went back to roost with main flock and chicks stayed on the other roost board.

Chicks were pretty much 'integrated' but of course lowest in the order, but had learned to steer clear of older birds.
Some tolerated them close by, including the rooster, and some didn't...typical pecking order.

Of 6 chicks only the 3 pullets remain, now 14 weeks old they are low on the order and steer way clear of the main flock at all times.
I had to take away their broody area, by putting up temporary wire wall, for new incubated chicks so put up another roost for them so they wouldn't sleep in nests.

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