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    I have 3 broody silkies and 3 day old chicks. How long should a broody stay with chicks? I'm limited on space but want my broodys to get their "chick fix" .

    Would it be unwise to give each broody 1 chick in the coop and not seperate them? There are 6 hens and a rooster in the pen.
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    There's no set answer. You could do that (each one chick), but they don't always accept chicks...some do/some don't. Most folks give a broody with new chicks their own little place for safety, even if it's just a dog crate inside the regular coop, because the other hens sometimes will go after chicks (once again, some will and some won't). So whatever you decide to do, I would closely monitor the situation to see how the broody (or broodies) and the other flock members react toward the chicks....

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