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I'm currently brooding 20 chicks of different sorts. I've got 5 big girls out in the coop right now. I don't have room to put up another coop. I could subdivide the dog run into a 5X10 are for the little girls for a period of time and use the dog house I was using for my other girls until they out grow it.


Should I make a brooder area in the coop for the little ones and let the bigger ones get used to them in there?

How long do you think it will take until I can turn them loose together?

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You can subdivide the run or make a brooder area. Either way I think would work. Just don't let the big ones get to the little ones till they are about the same size. When you do finally let them together, let them fight it out. Else you may always have an integration problem as the elders may learn beating up the youngins = you take them out.

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