Question about chick that didn't make it....


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Jun 6, 2009
S.E Ind
Okay so today was day 22-23 for one of our eggs. It started to pip around 2 or so and looked to be very strong. Throughout the afternoon I could see it was making progress. I laid down just a while ago for about an hour and a half and when I went to check on it there was some liquid that had pooled in it the bottom portion of the egg. It wasn't there before. So I took the egg out of the bator and the chick wasn't moving. I proceded to pull some of the egg back piece by piece. From the top down to the midpoint of the egg everything seemed like it had progressed as usual during the pipping and zipping stage. However from midpoint down there was this liquid that was like a mixture of water and blood (almost a milky consistancy) . I have no idea where it came from b/c as I mentioned previously it wasn't there before. When I tipped the egg to the side, it just poured out. Anyone know what might have happened? The chick was fully formed and everything. It looked like it had absorbed half of the yolk(?). I am kicking myself for lying down for that length of time b/c I really thought that given how it was progressing there would have been a chick out by the time I got up.


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Aug 9, 2009
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i also have no idea since my chick hatched without any much liquid, just wet and dry soon.

maybe the chick has been having problem with him when set so that's not your fault actually.

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