Question about chicks moving into the coop


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May 29, 2020
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I have 10 Buff Opringtons that are moving from brooder to coop this weekend. I've read that it's important to keep them in the coop for a while, to train them where home is. Once trained, and larger, they will free range in my fenced-in back yard. My coop has an attached, covered run. While training them that the coop is home, can they go in the run, too, or do they need to be locked in the coop only? Thanks.


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Jun 4, 2020
We just did this with our flock...moved our 6 week RIR chicks from brooder to coop. We felt like it was too hot to make them stay in the coop until they “got it.” We also have an attached run and let them out in that during the day. It took about a week of us manually putting them inside the coop at night at sunset—but they finally got it (and it was the coolest feeling!). We let them free range for a couple hours when we get home from work, then about an hour before sunset, they put themselves back in the run. We lock them in and they have some supper, then put themselves in the coop as it gets dark. The automatic coop door does the rest ;)


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Depends on your temperatures inside the coop as well as overall space in there. If it's very roomy inside and doesn't get too hot even during the hottest part of the day, then you can safely keep them locked inside. If it does get hot (let's say anything higher than 80-85 inside), no, they should not be restricted to inside only.

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