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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by marvun22, Mar 23, 2013.

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    i know the guidelines. 95 for first week, 90 for the second week, 85 for the third week, etc. is this just reccomendations or neccesary.
  2. acsempronio

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    It is both a recommendation and necessary... sort of.

    Chicks don't have feathers and will get cold very easily, which is why mom lays on them all the time. As they grow quickly and develop more feathers, mom lets them wander around longer.

    The babies will tell you if it's too hot; if they are cold, they will huddle around the heat lamp. If they are hot, they will huddle in the corners away from the heat lamp. If its just right, they will mill about loosely. I followed this rule with mine. They are 6 weeks old and I just put them outside today.

    Once they are fully feathered, you can consider completely removing the geat lamp, I've been told.
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    IMO, the guidelines are meant to keep people from overheating chicks in a small brooder. Chicks that have an adequate hot spot and plenty of room to get away from it will regulate their temperature without human intervention. If you think about it, a hen doesn't change her body temperature, the chicks spend less and less time under her as they feather.

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