Question about coop placement


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
So a while back I had a weasel get into the coop and kill the chickens, this was while we were in the process of moving them to a new spot (which really sucks, if we would have just been a bit faster they would've been fine). Now we still plan on having chickens but we need to work on where to put the coop in our backyard, there are two sides we could put it on but the one side of the yard that would be the best has a big mulberry tree over it (which is our neighbors), when the berries come in on the tree, the birds do to...

I'm just curious to know if it would be bad for them to be under there in the case that they eat the bird poo/ all those mulberries that will be falling.
Ah yes, this does make me quite happy haha
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