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    Mar 24, 2013
    I let the girls out this morning and saw them all jump out of the coop. This afternoon I went out to collect some eggs and noticed one hen was dead. I noticed a week ago that her crop was a really deep red color. I just assumed she was getting ready to start laying after the winter off, along with the others. I just finished an autopsy of sorts because I noticed her vent looked like it was bulging. My first thought was she was egg bound. When I cut open the vent, water/diarrhea gushed out. Her vent had to be sealed shut if that water wouldn't come out under the pressure. Any thoughts on what could've happened? Should I worry about the other 23 hens?
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    It's possible that she had a heart problem or ascites (fluid in the belly) from a heart, liver, or egg yolk peritonitis problem. The fluid probably came from her abdominal cavity, especially if her lower belly and vent was bulging. Your state vet or poultry lab could look for a cause of death if a necropsy is performed. The body would need to be refrigerated in a plastic bag and sent in rather soon. Let me know if you need info on that. Here is a thread that people use to share their necropsy/autopsy photos to help diagnose problems:

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