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    Aug 14, 2011
    i have gotten a few answers on the d'uccle thread but i know not everyone who has or have breed them or on that thread so....i have a self blue roo (pq) that i want to breed and make better but have yet to find pullets for him. i currently have to 3 week olds one mille and one porclian that so far look like pullets. anyways one person said i shouldnt breed the self blue to the porclian because it can be deadly, i was woundering if anyone else has had this happen and how often that this could happen. these 2 babies do come from good lines and i am hoping to get more in the spring/summer next year to put them with. if both are pullets they will be with him till i get some more of their colors to go with them and i want to incubate their eggs to see what other colors can come from them. one person showed me some colors that can come from self blue and mille crossing and i like some of those colors and if i sell any chicks it will be made known that they are nothing but pet quilty.
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    I do not know where you got the information about crossing birds that are self blue and porcelain and getting deadly results. Are you talking about dead birds or bad results from the crossings? I would suggest breeding self blue to black. If you breed self blue to mille or porcelain you are introducing genes that may effect the color of your self blue. You will get birds that show buff mixed in with blue ( lavender).

    If you can find some SQ black or even SQ mottled that would work. With the mottled- you will get some mottled self blue from your breeding. That would be cool.

    Cross your self blue male with SQ black female= all black offspring

    Then cross the best offspring male with the best looking offspring female. Statistically, 1 in 4 of the offspring should be self blue.

    Do the same thing with a SQ mottled female

    The second cross will produce black, mottled, self blue and mottled self blue

    What you do next depends on the show quality of the offspring from the second cross.

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Correct me if I'm wrong, I though Porcelain WAS lavender/self blue with the mille fleur pattern?
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    I have done this cross.....SB male X MF females.....results were females that were mostly black...some red in hackles on some......males looked like VERY bad Brown reds.....a few of both sexes did show a few white tips on a couple of feathers....mostly on their breasts..... If you don't have any SB females...use Black for sure.....all of the chicks will be black unless your black hens carry SB....then you can get some SB's too.

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