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    Mar 16, 2013
    K this really is not a question about egg laying, rather its more a question about the eggs being layed.
    My ladies, started laying in july, I am now getting a pretty regular two eggs a day every day, some days three. : ), Well, I have noticed a few little traits my ladies have, the leghorn, always lays the biggest ones with a bright yellow yolk , one rir lays a darker brown egg with a small, nice yellow yolk , and my other rir lays a pale brown and white speckled egg, with a very dark deep yellow yolk. the eggs, are all good and taste great, my ladies, eat the acco egglayer crumbles, and alot of scratch (corn millet sun flower seeds and other stuff my feed store labels it as "sun scratch" . they free range every day in my backyard. I know they eat ALOT of snails, my fence perimeter is "snail heaven" because of drainage issues.

    Im just curious about why they all look so different, what do your eggs look like?
  2. foreverlearning

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    Aug 4, 2013
    All breeds have a slightly different look to the shell, it varies from bird to bird and how their reproductive system works to make that egg. Sometimes the same girl can lay different looking eggs. I have one that goes from a pale blue to a pale green and sometimes it is speckled and sometimes not. The yolk color has to do with how much and of what they are eating. The deeper the color the more greens they are eating like grass.

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