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Feb 11, 2011
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I have this question to ask,

when a rooster mate a hen, what is the period the hen will lay fertilized eggs ?? i.e: a rooster mate with a hen today , will the hen lay one fertilized egg or many fertilized eggs?

is it (one mating) gives (one) fertilized egg or many fertilized ones and if the answer is many eggs then what is the period the hen will lay fertilized eggs ??

sorry about any mistakes in the language ,,,

If the eggs were not fertile and you just put a roo in today, no the egg she lays today will not be fertile or for the next 5 days ish. Her egg was already formed-forming a wall for protection with the shell-no semen can get through that. In about 5-7 days-( after mating) the sperm will and can reach her unfertile yolks before the eggshell grows over it. after she is "fertile" and you pull your roo out of that pen she will remain fertile for up to 3 weeks. Thats why you see alot of people offering eggs kinda cheap right now...They are seperating out the breeding pens to have JUST the specific breeds together( from being all cooped up together through Winter). Takes about 3 weeks for them to become "pure" again and not have any sperm left from another roo:) yes???
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your welcome:)

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