Question about Game Fowl and by-law

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    Below is the by-law I have to live with till next year:

    "No person shall keep or permit to be kept within the Township any
    horse, donkey, mule, alpaca, ostrich, rhea, cattle, sheep, goat,
    swine, poultry, deer or emu except upon lands within the
    municipality zoned Rural A or Restricted Rural Al.

    No person shall keep or permit to be kept within the Township
    more than four domestic rabbits, pigeons, or guinea pigs over three
    months in age, except upon lands zoned Rural A.
    e No person shall keep or permit to be kept within the Township"

    The question I have is, under this by-law would you consider game birds as poultry? I'm thinking an anon. call to the township is in order and am thinking of using the excuse of a school project for my daughter so me asking what they consider poultry wouldn't raise any red flags.
    I'd rather have it in writing as we do have neighbours that are a PITA and complain about EVERYTHING.
    When we moved here I did have rabbits (approx. 30), I bred them for show and meat but got out of them as at that time the by-law was for 2 only - PITA neighbours complained about them (not about noise, smell or housing, just about the rabbits who weren't on the property 24 hours before we got the visit), in 2005 (2 months after we moved in) they increased that to the above but by then I had gotten rid of all the rabbits. Now I think getting some Cals or New Zealands are in order and getting back into them. That should tick off the "lovely" couple next door. [​IMG]
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    This is what Wikipedia says-

    With difficult neighbours, you are likely to precipitate a turf war with game fowl. In addition you may find that your province requires a special permit for game fowl. Ours does. If you raise game fowl without a permit the fines are astronomical- in the thousands of $$$

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