Question about hardwire cloth???


13 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Westchester County,NY
Working on the exterior design of my new coop and was curious to know what your opinion is on attaching hardwire cloth to 2 x 4's. Are you using a staple gun??? If so what is the best staple to use? Any other suggestions are warmly welcomed.
Yes, we used a staple gun but don't remember what size staple. Just use one large enough to do the job! :) In some areas we attached strips of wood on top of where the wire was attached for extra security.
yeah, I used what I had....little overkill, but highly effective. It is a air roofing stapler, shot 1" wide, by 1 1/4" long staples.....and really sped thing up.

I started with hammer and "poultry" staples.....WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN....

I wouldnot recommend anything with a hand stapler, even the largest at about 9/16" I believe they are to thin, and to short to do any justice to any type of predator. but just my opinion.

I use self tapping screws with washers on them, makes it really hard for a predator to pull them off. Quick and easy to run them in with a cordless drill/driver.
I agree with Garden Gal. Use any staples or stapler to hold the hardware cloth in place, but then take some strips of wood and screw that over the hardware cloth. Raccoons are extremely strong. I do not trust staples of any kind to be strong enough to keep them out. Even if the staple is strong enough the wood could lose its hold on the staple. Racoons are very good at finding any weakness.

Predrill the hole in the wood that is covering the hardware cloth and put a few screws in it where the screws catch the holes in the hardware cloth. It won't go anywhere.
I'll be tacking down with an pneumatic upholstery stapler then screwing boards over that. I think I have 1/2" staples, and they're 22ga. Pretty light for any predators, but the wood over all the joints in the cloth will help.

I've had staples pulled out by owls, both hand and air, i use a portable drill with screws and washers, holds better and if you need to move the wire or fix it, its a snap to remove
Also keep in mind that hardware cloth is not indestructable. We have hardware cloth on my temp run and my mum was whipper snipping around the run and cut a huge gaping hole in it!

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