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    Feb 18, 2009
    I had an egg in which the gosling was stretching the air cell membrane but never pipped it...When I opened it, I found that the baby was positioned the opposite way of the air cell....its head was still up where it needed to be (not breech) but instead of trying to pip the air was facing the "non-air cell" I know it this possibly something I did wrong or just a freak of nature....just wanna know so if it is me, i don't do it again...
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    it kinda could have just been positioned wrong...wierder things have happened.....but maybe if you were handling it on the last day or two before the hatch....they can get confused where to pip at.....through the days till the hatch....w.e is inside the egg is positioning itself to come out where the air cell is so if you handle the egg before the hatch, it could confuse the little feller
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