question about hatching under heat light?


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Without going into a long story, I will just ask.

Can you remove eggs from a broody hen on day 18, and hatch them under a heat light, possibly with a humidifier?

Why? They will not hatch as well. They may not hatch at all. Yes it's possible to do but it's not easy or guranteed in anyway. If you live in a dry climate or have dry weather recently you have even less chance of it working. So why? Let the broody hatch them and then if you want to raise them in a brooder instead take them away or some of them away. Even if you take all of them she'll look for awhile and go back to what she was doing. She won't be anymore stressed than if you take her eggs. The only good reason I can see is if the broody has a tendency to kill chicks. Then I would suggest either building or buying a cheap incubator instead of just using a light and humidifier.
The problem is we didn't think the eggs were fertile, and so we are getting 12 polish eggs in two days. Our hen has been sitting on these eggs for a weeks now. We cracked open a egg that was laid yesterday and it is fertile, so now we are thinking the eggs she is sitting on are fertile. I just hate to throw out perfectly good fertile eggs, because my husband is not wanting to spend the money right now on a incubator. Any advice would be great.

You can't make her sit for another 3 weeks if she's been sitting for more than 2 weeks already. Either her health will suffer or she just won't do it. Alot of hens abandon the nest after they've been sitting for much over 3-4 weeks. If you don't have another broody you better start looking at how to build a cheap incubator. Really just buying one isn't that expensive either. Mine cost a little under $40 from the feed store. That will hatch well enough. I spend more than that on eggs pretty much every batch I buy online.
better let her to finish her job.

just hatch the polish inside bator.
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