Question about having a couple silkies for brooders


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
I have my flock planned out, which I am sure it will change, but for the being I am going with. - Buffs, RIR, and BR.

I love the look of the silkies and plan to get one or two to use mainly for broodies if they decide to become broodie. If the silkie hen happens to lay fertile eggs.... What do I do with the chicks? Will they be ok? Are mutts ok?

Which kind of rooster should I get?

But by tomorrow I will be changing my mind and thinking of a single type of chicken flock.....
The eggs you place under a broody don't have to be her own. I have two broodies right now. One is raising five store bought chicks plus 3 older chicks from eggs produced by my older hens. The other is raising three store bought chicks plus one from farm eggs. One hen is a silkie, one is a salmon faverolles. I like the SF better as a broody than the silkie.

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