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I have 2 hens, white leghorns. I notice everytime we go out to get the eggs, they are laying on them, I know they are not fertile, because we do not have a rooster. My question is, are they good at hatching eggs? I was thinking about getting some fertile easter eggers eggs. Do you think if I put them in their nest, they would hatch? They both lay in the nest over the eggs. I thought about getting a dozen and putting 6 in each nest. what are ya'lls opinion on this? thanks
Are they staying there all day long or just for a little while?If they are there all day and they puff up and growl at you when you try to take there eggs then they are broody and they would hatch out the ee eggs.
they do stay on them until we go and get the eggs, then they try to peck our hands and push the eggs back under them. They have a pen, we do not let them roam the yard, because they would bother our neighbors and lay eggs everywhere, so for a few months now, they stay in a pen. I put a bunch of hay in there pen, and they built their own nest, so now they lay only in their nest.
I, and a couple other folks here on BYC have a rule: if the hen stays on the nest two consecutive nights (does not go back to the roost at night), then she's broody.

It is not usual for Leghorns to go broody, but there are exceptions. If your girl(s) stay on the nest for two nights, get 'em some eggs to hatch.

Really? i thought they went broody a lot... lol at least my six do! well be for my Isa brown would break the eggs lol... got rid of her so they can hatch hem this spring!

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