Question about hens and roos!

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Ok so I have heard too many different opinions about keeping roosters and hens together... There are two sides to it.

    1) " keeping a rooster with a flock of hens will wear them out and reduce egg production. If you have a rooster you can let it with the hens but only under your supervision."

    2) " you can keep a single rooster with hens in the same coop, but no more than one rooster otherwise they will fight! Keeping a rooster with a flock of hens keeps the hens "in line" and makes them happy.

    So which of these are true? Im a newbie so Im not shure. And I thought if a rooster and hens were together they would produce Fertile eggs!?!?

    Comments/ Opinions would help so greatly!

    Thanks, Mitch
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    # 2 is true for the most part.

    You will get fertile eggs.
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