Question about humidity and amount of water to put in bator

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    These styrofoam incubators, LG and such, how much water should be put in the little water areas below?
    What is the best way to regulate humidity? Is it a matter of adding or taking out water?
    The new bator I have has a temp and humidity gauge but on it, it says
    'Reference only' when the thermometer that is build in reads 92 the inside one I placed in reads 99.5.
    The humidity reads 69 or 70% which from what I am reading is to much? (We're on day 8) If even that gauge is correct, I won't know until tomorrow when I buy one and add it.

    Any advice on regulating humidity is appreciated.
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    You regulate humidity by controlling the water surface area. The depth of water in the reservoir does not matter, except how fast it runs dry. It's the water surface area that counts.

    To reduce humidity, fill fewer reservoirs. Leave some empty. Or you can cover part of a reservoir with aluminum foil or maybe Sarah Wrap to reduce the surface area.

    To increase humidity you either fill more reservoirs or you add a wick. Maybe put a paper towel or piece of cloth partly in the reservoir so you have some hanging out. It will soak up the water and give it more surface area to evaporate from.

    The reason they say reference only is that they are not very good quality and are undependable. You need to get decent instruments and calibrate them. These links might help.

    Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration

    Rebel’s Hygrometer Calibration

    I don't have an LG incubator, but the Hovabator I got had specific instructions on which reservoirs to fill for incubation and which others to fill during lockdown. Do you have the instructions for that model incubator? Or if you say which model LG you have, someone familiar with it may be able to give you more precise help.

    Good luck with it.

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