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    I am obviously a newbie to the world of chickens but like many of you I have become obsessed. I have borrowed an incubator and will be setting eggs when I think I know what I am doing. From what I have read humidity is key to having a successful hatch rate. I bought a hygrometer and have been testing the humidity in my house. It ranges from 20% when the oil furnace is running to 38% when it is raining, that is what it is today. So my question is how much impact does controlling the humidity within the house have on the incubator. It seems that if the house humidity was more stable the incubator would be easier to manage. I ask this because I am tired of getting static shock when I touch the door knob. I am also looking for another reason to install a whole house humidifier. Certainly if it helps the chicks it would be worth doing.

    Your thoughts are appreciated


    At 66 who would have ever thought I could have learned so much about chickens. As someone else said, My friends and family think I am an expert, when in reality I just relay what all of you have shared with me. Thank you.
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    I think a house humidifier would help alot but there not cheep.

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