Question about introducing a Rooster to a flock

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    We have 12 free range hens of various breeds in our flock that are about nine months old. We have just adopted two more of the same age from friends who were losing chickens to coyotes. He have these two in an enclosed area where the free range hens and the dogs can get used to them. I'm thinking we will do this for about a week before introducing them. There have been a few skirmishes through the wire- one of the new ones was bleeding on her nose. These two hens came from a flock that also had two roosters and they are offering us a rooster if we would like as well (which we have been recently considering).

    When you introduce a rooster, do you also keep it separate for a week or so like you would a hen? Would it help the two new hens integrate into the flock if we also had a rooster that already knows these hens? Also, our dogs have been really good with the hens and protect them. Has anyone had experience where a dog that gets along good with hens does not get along with a rooster?

    Thank you for any input!
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    Good job with the separation idea, however I would quarantine for 4 weeks any new birds brought onto the property...maybe no problems seems like health-wise, but things can be transmitted and triggered with new soil and surroundings....I would at least dust the new fowl with 5% sevin to help with the louse that could be present.

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    I would put all three in the coup at once at night. IF all the birds are a mature size, it is always better to mix in new birds in a group. The more new ones there are, the better the introduction will be.

    DO look over the birds carefully before adding them to your flock. DO NOT take any bird that is lousy or sick looking.

    It is too late to quarantine if you have had them sharing the same air, so to speak. If you would be devastated to lose your flock, do not introduce mature birds, rather raise chicks, and add them as replacements.

    Quarantine is a good idea if you have a large investment, and have the space to do it, but most people do not have the space or set up to properly quarantine, and if you don't do it right, you may as well not do it.

    If you have a valuable flock, I would not add new birds. I don't buy from auctions, and I have always known the place they were coming from...... but I have often added new birds.

    As to the dog and the chickens, mine anyway..... dogs that bother chickens, will bother all chickens, and dogs that don't won't bother roosters either.

    Mrs K

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