Question about manual turning if you miss a turn


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Oct 29, 2011
Hey guys, if you miss a turn do you just continue with your turning schedule or do you try to even it out?

For instance, if you're turning on an 8 hour schedule and you miss a turn and it's been 16 hours - do you just continue to turn every 8 hours, or do you try to have the egg on the other side for 16 hours to even it out? Thanks,



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Jan 4, 2012
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All my past hatches were done with an auto turner, well this year my one auto turner is not working (need to open it up it's a Turn-x so its a big gear box) and the other incubator is new to me and I found out the turner was broke when I was ready to set eggs, so I'm on manual turn this year.

So to your question, I just turn when I remember to. I'm turning the eggs and so is my son so it is anywhere from twice to who knows how many times a day. If you can remember to turn on a regular basis missing one should not affect anything, just keep on the schedule. Turning is just to keep the embryo from sticking to one side so an occasional miss should not affect anything.


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Feb 2, 2009
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Just continue with the regular schedule. It will be fine.

Turning is about more things than just the yolk sticking to the inside of the egg shell, though that is one purpose. It also affects the body parts being formed in the right places. And there are other processes during incubation affected by turning so it is important. But don't overstress about it if you miss one turn. The hen does not keep a separate chart of each egg to make sure it is turned exactly right on a specific schedule.

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