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    May 17, 2018
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    Hi there - I'm looking for citable information on flock size for happiest hens. My city only allows 3 birds, which I think is ridiculously small. It's also not much for providing eggs for a typical family with kids. Another city near us and similar allows 6. I'm considering going to the city council and speaking and asking them to up the number. The idea fairly terrifies me, but I'd like more chickens. Given how tightly my 3 birds stick together, I think it's important for them to be in a group, and that they'd be happier in a somewhat larger flock - but I need something I can cite and show that will be more convincing than "I, with very little experience, think so".

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    I wish you the best of luck and I do hope you find persuasive material to present to the council.

    I can only offer anecdotal evidence; with groups of three hens I've observed that they don't explore or roam as much as they do in a flock of five or six. They seem more confident when there are a few more.

    Let us know when you speak to the council so we can offer moral support! :)


    For what it's worth, I agree with you that
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    A flock of chickens should certainly not be any LESS than 3. 2 is not a flock per definition and holding a single chicken is not wise. Asking to heighten the limit to 5 should be within reason without going so high they'll automatically reject you.

    X2 on that groups of 3 or fewer roam less and are less active. I see it a lot in chicks.

    Try searching on flock dynamics and social structure of fowl/chickens. That'll give you something to argue with. Off the top of my head; this article mentions social life.
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    Maybe pull some information from different cities that allow “urban farming”. Our city bases the number of animals on lot size. 1 chicken per 1,000 sq ft of lot size.

    So really here it varies from property to property. The places closer to down town with smaller lots may max out at 3 hens while places in the suburbs with larger lots would max out at 8-10 hens.

    I would suggest researching some other cities that have chicken keeping laws then present facts and information for your city to review.
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    I don't think 'happiness' is quantifiable. ;)
    But smaller flock are harder to 'balance'....if one dies, it's hard to add just one bird.
    The inevitable 'low bird' is a 'bigger' target in a small flock.
    Oh, sorry, those are second hand anecdotes and common sensed opinion.

    This is your best bet....Best of cLuck!
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    I agree that three is too small a number, and also think that presenting information about other cities that allow five or six birds will help your cause.
    Living in the boonies is so much better!
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    I also live in Spokane , WA. I can have a total of 6 chickens based on my lot size but I have 3.
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    Jul 3, 2018
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    Nice :)

    We live south of town on 10 acres so aren’t limited really. I think the only stipulation on our property is that we aren’t allowed to have a processing plant or commercial poultry farm.
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