Question about Mosaic Pullet


Aug 27, 2019
Northeast Arkansas
I have a Mosaic that was hatched in February. She hasn’t started laying yet and I’m curious if anyone knows when Mosaics start to lay. I’ve tried to search but there isn’t a lot of information out there on Mosaics. Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you!
Oh, man!! I wish I had seen this post 3 weeks ago! Has your little pullet started laying yet? :)
I got mine from a local breeder here in AZ, and she said that her hens all started laying around 8-9 months old, so yours should start laying in October-November, if she hasn't started already. they're supposed to be great winter layers, which is what I'm counting on. Mine hatched March 1st, so they should start laying sometime in November-December unless they decide to wait until Spring due to shorter daylight hours.
Thank you. She hasn’t yet, and isn’t even doing the “submissive squat” people talk about when they are getting near to being ready to lay.
She hurt her leg at about three months old(I have no idea how) and though she is better, she still limps . I’m beginning to think she always will. I wonder if her injury will affect her ability to lay.

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