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    Apr 11, 2011
    I feel a little silly asking this, but here goes:
    Can I put a mottled chicken with a blue chicken and make a blue mottled chicken? I bought, on impulse, some mottled Japanese and blue OEGB chicks. After I got them home, reality hit and I have no idea what to do with them. Then I though "OH, I'll breed them together and make a tiny little blue mottled bantam- PERFECT!". But, can it really be that simple? I understand how blue genetics work, and my first thought was the blue would replace the black on the mottled bird and BAM, I'm golden. But, then I started trying to figure out how the white factors in and splash- and now my ears are smoking and I've totally confused myself to the point where I had to make this post.
    So, is it possible? To just throw them together and have the blue offspring show mottling? Or would I need to breed the offspring back to the mottled parent to get the white, something like that? Please, either save me from myself or give me the encouragement I need. These would be strictly for my own enjoyment and maybe a few close chicken friends who'd want them. I'm not trying to create some kind of fad chicken. I just want a pretty, tiny blue mottled bantam that would forage well in my yard (without having to just buy one, I'd rather make my own if its possible) :)
    Thanks in advance,

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