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    Feb 8, 2010
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    i ordered from MPC and i picked today (june 1) as the day for them to be mailed. does MPC call or email when they put the chicks in the mail or do i just assume they are being mailed today? [​IMG]
  2. wrong place for the question probably...but most hatcheries are good on keeping to an order date unless they're late and they tend to call and let you know if they don't have a supply to ship your order....

    What you absolutely need to do is call your post office and let them know to expect an order of live chicks for you. Give them your number(s)...when the chicks arrive at post office the P.O. will call you and let you know they are in as soon as they get there (of they should) sometimes this can be 5am, so be prepared for tomorrow or Thursday morning having a early rising. lol
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    with my MPC order, they emailed me with the ship date after I placed the order, but I received no further order or shipping confirmation.

    My chicks were hatched and shipped on a Monday, and I got a call from the post office the next day on Tuesday at 10:30am, so be on the lookout!

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